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Confluence of distinct, and traditionally separate musical paradigms: the ubiquitous energy of popular music, and harmonic and rhythmic exploration of art music. The Trio's live show possesses a near kinetic energy, harnessing and manipulating the physicality of rhythm. The group uses their momentum to stretch and explore multiple dimensions of polyrhythmic undercurrent. 


  • Sean clarey

  • Austin Gembora

  • David Maclean  


Is a dynamic 5 piece collective from Toronto, operating on the fringes of traditional jazz and neo-soul, via significant math rock, experimental, and hip-hop influences. With their broadly based but unified concept, ART the Band creates instrumental music that is both widely accessible, and intellectually stimulating. ART aspires to offer the masses a gateway into far more opaque regions of musicality, turning slightly away from, but never abandoning its primary function as a vehicle for simple entertainment and enjoyment.




Shipley Hollow is a Trio based in Toronto, Canada who create fast paced, esoteric, fiercely rhythmic, and groove oriented Math-rock. Shipley Hollow began as a quintet, and has since undergone several major lineup changes. Their first self-released EP ‘Costa Concordia’ (2013) laid the groundwork for several more independent full-length records, notably ’Nice Try But You Think’ (2014) and ’Normal Soup’ (2015). These records were written, recorded, and produced by the Quintet as a collective and possess a light hearted, eclectic, and honest vibe that occasionally blossoms into a heavier, darker angst. The band has toured the United States and Canada solo, and plan on a 2017 European tour. In late 2016 the ensemble became a Trio with Sean Clarey as the only original member remaining. Their new Video-EP titled ‘Change’ dropped Winter 2017, Their second Studio EP as a trio will drop Spring 2017. 





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Sean Clarey is a Toronto based Guitarist, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist. Sean Tours, Performs, and records regularly with ‘ART the Band’, 'Shipley Hollow', 'Angles Jackson', 'The David Diao Quartet', and his His Trio ‘DRONECON B’. Sean attended Humber College and has performed alongside Larnell Lewis, Luis Deniz, Ahmed Mitchell, Andrew Stewart, Christian McBride, Larry Goldings, Donny Mccaslin, Lorne Lofsky, Ted Quinlan, Robi Botos, and other notable artists. Sean has performed at Toronto TD Jazz Festival, Newmarket Jazz Festival, RCK Pro Jazz, CMW, NXNE, Indie Music Week, and myriad other Festivals both Canadian and International. Sean began studying music formally at age 5.

Sean is the recipient of the 'Kim Mitchell Scholarship,'Kevin Mackle Memorial Scholarship', and the 'Gordon and Anne Wragg Scholarship'. Ted Quinlan has described Sean’s playing as “Effortless, with great fluidity”.